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Voicemail Tapes

A project that is simply a collection of voicemails from my friends, family, and myself.

The Artform and Artists of Contemporary Circus

The common idea of a circus, often instilled within us early by cartoons and Hollywood, contains big top tents, fashionable elephants, and white-faced clowns. While this world exists, it’s attendance is waning amidst shifts in consumer concerns and attention. A stand-out reasoning…

Emil Amos Talk

Being that Emil Amos is tirelessly dedicated to his work, I would have understood if my conversation with him lasted 15 minutes. However, within a few exchanges, I was aware that Emil is not interested in the disingenuous mundane conversations that artists…

Phil Elverum Interview

Phil is a musician who works under the monikers Mount Eerie and The Microphones

The Work of Thomas Morton

Thomas Morton first sparked my interest at the impressionable age of 15. I was just beginning to experience the true depths of the internet, and in this process, I was being introduced to amazing things. Some of which include Quentin Tarantino movies,…

Little Wings Interview

Kyle Field, or Little Wings, like several other artists in the same music camp, is a grizzly looking man. He is abundantly bearded, regularly sweatered, and carries the aurora of a friendly uncle (Interestingly, I wrote that before hearing his song “Uncle…

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