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Voicemail Tapes

A project that is simply a collection of voicemails from my friends, family, and myself.

Emil Amos Talk

Being that Emil Amos is tirelessly dedicated to his work, I would have understood if my conversation with him lasted 15 minutes. However, within a few exchanges, I was aware that Emil is not interested in the disingenuous mundane conversations that artists … Continue reading Emil Amos Talk

Phil Elverum Interview

Phil is a musician who works under the monikers Mount Eerie and The Microphones

The Work of Thomas Morton

Thomas Morton first sparked my interest at the impressionable age of 15. I was just beginning to experience the true depths of the internet, and in this process, I was being introduced to amazing things. Some of which include Quentin Tarantino movies, … Continue reading The Work of Thomas Morton

Little Wings Interview

Kyle Field, or Little Wings, like several other artists in the same music camp, is a grizzly looking man. He is abundantly bearded, regularly sweatered, and carries the aurora of a friendly uncle (Interestingly, I wrote that before hearing his song “Uncle … Continue reading Little Wings Interview

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